28 Days to a Clean & Organized House


In January I worked to remove the clutter from our home. In February I worked on setting goals every day. At this point I think I’m ready to tackle cleaning and organizing the house.

It’s not that our house is extremely dirty or messy but it is to the point where the small messes and disorganization have become a distraction. I spend too much time trying to find things and feeling a low level of stress wondering if something important is being forgotten.

Painted Ladies SF

My main goal is to find a home (preferably a nice looking one) for everything that comes into our house (and is already residing here). A few of the areas where I’ll be concentrating include:

  • Organizing my son’s artwork and paperwork. I already scan most of it and then toss it but I want a better way to keep some of the actual items and thing that aren’t easily scanned. I’ve already ordered a portfolio like the one mentioned in “How to Keep and Organize Children’s Artwork” on the blog A Thoughtful Place.
  • Paperwork that sits on my desk waiting to be scanned.
  • Books and paperwork that we keep on our kitchen table for my son to use.

I started off today by scanning all of the paperwork that’s been sitting on my desk for awhile now and then tossing them in the “shred” box we have in the laundry room.

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