A Month of Goal Setting


Today is the last day of February and I’ve completed my 28 day experiment of daily goal setting. I think the biggest benefit for me was the daily learning that happened as a result of setting and reviewing a few goals for each day.

I learned some things about when I’m most productive. I learned how to stay on top of recurring tasks such as preparing for and cooking dinner. And while I didn’t always meet my daily goals I accomplished more than I would have otherwise.

In addition to accomplishing more I was also more purposeful about spending time with God, reading my Bible, and praying. This experiment is one that I want to continue and try to make a daily habit. I think over time the rewards will be even greater.

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My goals for February 27 were:

  1. Read 1/2 chapter of Desiring God
  2. Pick up birthday present for party on Saturday
  3. Scan paperwork

My goals for today, February 28:

  1. Read 1/2 chapter of Desiring God (I plan to do this before bed)
  2. Pick up birthday present for party on Saturday
  3. Put parking sticker on car
  4. Take out compost

My goals for tomorrow, March 1:

  1. Buy vegetables for dinner
  2. Write blog post for next experiment
  3. Scan paperwork
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