Daily Goals for February 10, 11, & 12


So far I haven’t made my goals more specific as I intended. However, I have been more careful to review my goals at the beginning and middle of the day.  That small change has made it much easier to check off small items from the list that just require me to be prepared to do them during the work day.

I’ve been thinking lately that my daily goals are really just daily to-do lists and I’d like to change this to be more meaningful. The daily to-do list is definitely helping me to be more productive but it’s not helping me to accomplish larger goals. On the other hand, I need to be careful to not overwhelm myself and end up back where I started – a woman trying to do it all herself and not relying on and trusting in God.

I’m going to start by defining 3 categories of focus for my daily goals: prayer, Bible reading, and our home. Each day I’ll set one goal for each category. These are the areas that I tend to drop when I don’t focus on them or I’m running short on time. Other areas like reading to my son and work always happen because it’s easy for me to prioritize them naturally.


My goals for February 9 were:

  1. Play undistracted with my son
  2. Take out the compost
  3. Take out the bathroom trash
  4. Wash the dog’s ears and teeth

My goals for February 10 were:

  1. Call the bank
  2. Throw away old Halloween candy (I can’t believe we still have this)
  3. Read 3 picture books to my son
  4. Read Psalm 84 3 times
  5. Give dog flea medicine

My goals for today, February 11 were:

  1. Throw away old Halloween candy (Yay – it’s gone!)
  2. Do laundry
  3. Return library books

My goals for tomorrow, February 12:

  1. Spend 5 minutes in prayer in the morning
  2. Read Psalm 84 2 times
  3. Make a list of the items we need to gather for preparing taxes


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