Daily Grace


In my last post I mentioned that I had noticed that I’m more productive at the beginning of the week. I vowed to be more ambitious with my goals at that time and more relaxed towards the end of the week. I should have added, “God willing”.

For the past 4 days all my daily goals and plans went out the window. My son got sick, had a high fever for several days, and is now on antibiotics for an ear infection. God is gracious and I’m so thankful today that my son is feeling much better.

I’ve written before about how being sick narrows my priorities. I didn’t set daily goals for the past few days because I was focused on taking care of my son. I still think that setting daily goals is helpful but they aren’t the most important things.


Today I’m going to rest in the daily grace that I receive from my savior, Jesus Christ. Tomorrow too. I hope I can continue to remember and rest in God’s grace every single day, even after I get back into the routine of setting daily goals.


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