Week 3 Review


After 3 weeks of tracking my sleep and activity level with Dan’s Plan my activity level and sleep are slowly improving. I’ve gone to bed later than usual the last couple of nights because I started a good book – oops. Tonight will be even worse because I need to stay up until midnight to check on something for work. Last week my sleep score was 94% and I averaged 7 hours and 36 min per night.  This week my sleep score is 96% and I averaged 7 hours and 42 min per night

Week 3 Sleep

My activity level increased this week as well. I took another long walk with my son on Saturday morning and my average during the week is getting better. There is still a lot of improvement I can make during the week but I’m pleased with these results. Last week my activity score was 65% and I averaged 6,494 steps per day.  This week my activity score is 73% and I averaged 7,326 steps per day.

Activity Week 3

So my overall score from Dan’s Plan after 21 days is 90/100, up from 86 last week.

Overall Week 3

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