Week 4 Review


After 28 days of tracking my sleep and activity level with Dan’s Plan the amount of sleep I’ve been getting each night has definitely improved.  My activity level is also a little better, but not where I’d like it to be. Last week my sleep score was 96% and I averaged 7 hours and 42 min per night.  This week my sleep score is 98% and I averaged 7 hours and 54 min per night.

Sleep Week 4

My activity level decreased a bit this past week. I took another long walk with my son on Saturday morning to the Earth Day festival but during the week I’m still struggling. I’m still sitting too much and not taking enough breaks. Last week my activity score was 73% and I averaged 7,326 steps per day.  This week my activity score is 68% and I averaged 6,843 steps per day.

Dans Plan Week 4

So my overall score from Dan’s Plan after 28 days is 89/100, down from 90 last week.

Activity Week 4

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