Clean & Organized House

In January I worked to remove the clutter from our home. In February I worked on setting goals every day. At this point I think I’m ready to tackle cleaning and organizing the house. My main goal is to find a home (preferably a nice looking one) for everything that comes into our house (and is already residing here).

Daily Goal Setting

For the month of February my 28 day experiment will be daily goal setting. My hope is that by taking time each day to actually write down a few goals that I want to accomplish, I will be forced to think about my priorities each and every day. I’m also hoping that I will more easily notice when I’m starting to neglect time with God or other relationships and can more quickly change course.

Dan's Plan

My 28 day experiment for April will be tracking my sleep and activity online using Dan’s Plan. My main reason for doing this experiment is to let go of trying to do too much. Forcing myself to get enough sleep and take the time to walk means that I won’t be able to accomplish as many things as I strive to. I hope this will stretch my trust in Jesus to provide for me and allow me to better submit myself to Him.

Focused Prayer

For the month of December my 28 day experiment will be focused prayer. Specifically, I will be praying about my desire to homeschool my son while working full-time.


I’ve decided to start this blog and my first 28 day experiment with meditation. For me this means sitting down in complete silence. My goal is 20 minutes a day for the next 28 days. Making time to quiet my own thoughts is a small step towards giving up control over my life and giving God space to move in.

No Sugar & No Caffeine

The 28 day experiment for September will be no sugar and no caffeine. I’m currently addicted to both and I realize that anything I’m addicted to limits my freedom in Christ. I want to be a slave to Jesus and serve Him alone.

Read the Whole Bible

For the month of October my 28 day experiment will be reading the entire Bible. My purpose is to spend a significant amount of time reading the Bible each day so that I’m more fully immersed in God’s word. My hope is that my focus will be first and foremost on God each and every day and that spending this time reading Scripture will re-awaken my desire to truly know Jesus.

Removing Clutter

For my first 28 day experiment in 2014 I will be focusing on removing clutter from our home. I’m not one to hold onto stuff but it seems like it accumulates anyway unless I’m very intentional about selling, giving, or throwing away the excess.

Sabbath Rest

For the month of November my 28 day experiment will be Sabbath rest. Jesus is asking me to trust Him completely and to rest in Him. The core problem with humanity is that we want to be in control of our own lives. Jesus invites us to cease from our own work and our own efforts and rest in His ability and depend on His power. To start with I’m going to begin each day with a simple prayer to God asking Him to help me accept His control over my life.