Week 2 Review

28 Days of Meditation: Part 8

This second week of meditation my goal was to be asleep by 10:30pm each day so I could wake up at 5:30am and meditate for 20 minutes before my son wakes up. That happened a grand total of 0 times. I realized if I really want to accomplish that goal then I need a better plan for getting to sleep by 10:30pm. Here’s a quick review of the week:

Day 8: Meditated for 10 minutes at 6:10am.

Day 9: Meditated for 20 minutes at 6:10am. This is the day our dog woke me up so I actually got up at 5:30am but didn’t meditate until a little later.

Day 10: Meditated for 20 minutes while my son napped in the afternoon.

Day 11: Meditated for 15 minutes at 6am. This is the day when I was feeling restless and my thoughts were difficult to grasp onto.

Day 12: Meditated for 20 minutes at 8:45am after taking my son to daycare. This was actually a great time to meditate because it was still morning but I was much more alert having already had coffee and breakfast.

Day 13: Meditated for 10 minutes at 6:20am. I was feeling really tired so I decided to stop and read my Bible instead. Then I meditate for 10 more minutes at 8:50am after taking my son to daycare.

Day 14: Woke up late and didn’t meditate at all. Hmm – this happened on the same day last week.


Despite completely failing on my stated goal for the week I did mediate almost every day. I’ve also been reminding myself of the bigger picture. The reason for these smaller goals and this 28 day experiment is to intentionally learn to trust Jesus.

More than anything else being disciplined about meditating each day is helping me to be more mindful. This week I’ve taken several small steps of obedience when I thought the Holy Spirit might be nudging me to do something. This involved uncertainty and fear despite the actions that I actually took being very small. I realized again how very small my faith is but I’m also so encouraged.

My goal for this next week is to meditate for 20 minutes each day sometime during the morning hours. And to sit with any restlessness I feel.

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