Letting Jesus Carry the Small Hurts

28 Days of Meditation: Part 6

Yesterday my son and I spent the morning at the beach. It was low tide so we walked out on the mud for quite a ways looking for crabs and seaweed. Needless to say his pants and shoes were a mess by the time we were done.  We had plans to go to the library after so I decided to stop by the Old Navy across the street to get some new pants and flip flops which he needed anyway. New pants and flip flops in hand we went next door to Starbucks to get a drink and get him changed into his new clothes. It was a fun morning and we were having a great time.

Beach at Low Tide

As we headed into the bathroom at Starbucks I slammed two of my fingers in the ridiculously heavy bathroom door. The pain was intense and I was trying to cope and not scare my son at the same time. Thankfully the employees at Starbucks were incredibly kind and helped me get bandaids and ice and sat with me until the dizziness I was feeling from the pain passed.

A few hours later the pain was just a dull throbbing. My son was napping and I sat down to meditate. As my mind focused on the throbbing I noticed it and found myself thinking “Here you go, God” over and over as the pain came and went. I also had a picture in mind of Jesus carrying me, carrying me the way I carry my son with arms wrapped around me. It was comforting.

At some point while I was dizzy and sat with my head down in Starbucks I said a quick prayer asking Jesus to be with me. Thinking back on it now I feel encouraged. It seems a small and inconsequential thing, but often in the midst of moments like this I don’t think of Jesus at all. I try to take care of myself. This time I reached out just a tiny bit over a small hurt and He enveloped me in His arms.

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