Matthew & Mark


I’ve had a friend visiting from out of town for a couple of days and have fallen behind in my Bible reading. I’m hoping I can catch up the rest of the week.  Into the New Testament!

What I Read:

Day 21: Matthew 1-17

Day 22: Matthew 18-28

Day 23: Mark and Luke 1-9

Point Reyes

My Impressions:

  • Jesus frequently talks about what the kingdom of God is like.
  • The kingdom of God is worth giving up everyone and everything in our lives.
  • In the kingdom of God the proud are brought down and the humble lifted up.
  • Jesus fulfilled many of the sayings of the prophets and Matthew takes care to point these out.
  • Mark often describes the great numbers of people who followed Jesus around and how Jesus had compassion for them, healed the sick, and cast out demons.
  • Jesus spent his time teaching (telling parables, talking with his disciples and the leaders), healing (take care of people’s needs and forgiving their sins), and praying in solitude. This is a good lesson for what my priorities should be as I seek to follow Jesus.
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