More Unused Toiletries and Samples


A couple of years ago I was using a lot of coupons and requesting free samples whenever I got the chance. It was well worth the effort because we managed to pay off all of our debt (student loans), not including our mortgage.

Quite a few of those samples were never used (surprise, surprise). The bag of items I started for the homeless collection at church is getting bigger!

Day 12: Toiletry items I don’t use including perfume, deodorant samples, and lotions

Removing Clutter Day 12


Day 13: Shampoo samples and a few other random samples

Removing Clutter Day 13


Day 14: More toiletries I don’t use and expired aspirin

Removing Clutter Day 14


This is the end of week 2 and I’ve managed to find 12 items every day this week to remove from our home.

My goal for this next week is to focus on organizing and cleaning areas in our home that typically collect clutter, specifically my desk, the kitchen table, and our bookshelves.

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