Hold Your Plans Loosely


Thanks to a nasty cough and the time change my son woke me up at 5am this morning. I was feeling pretty tired and irritable and forgot my plan to pray each morning for God to help me accept his control over my life.

Once we got out of bed and I started making breakfast I remembered and said my quick prayer. After prayer and a cup of coffee I was feeling better and the day turned into an incredibly fun time with my son.

Play Dough

Usually on Sundays I’m trying to get my son ready for church in the morning and get us out of the house on time. I’m also usually trying to get some things done around the house or make sure we return library books. I wouldn’t say we’re really busy but I usually have some plans and feel somewhat hurried.

Today we stayed home from church because of my son’s cough and I mostly let go of my agenda. My son and I ate breakfast and then colored together on the kitchen table for a couple of hours while listening to praise songs.

The only thing I planned for the day was a trip to the grocery store to get milk, but even that turned into a fun time. The grocery store is a mile away and my son rode his tricycle while I walked. We also stopped and played at the toy store for a while which is on the way.

I was tired by nap time and planned to take a nap myself but again my son had trouble sleeping because of his cough so that didn’t end up happening. We spent the afternoon playing with play dough, doing puzzles, and running around the front yard. By dinner time I was surprised by how much fun we’d had despite being tired and sick. We laughed more today than we have in a really long time.

When I take the focus off of myself and what I want to accomplish for the day my attitude is better. I still think it’s valuable to set goals and have a plan, but I don’t want to hold on to mine too tightly. God may have a much better plan for my day.

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