Cleaning out the Clothes Closet


Quite a few years ago (before my son was born) I learned how to sew and quilt. In my closet I have a large basket full of old fabric and also old clothes that I thought I might one day use to make something new. At this point I think it’s time to let some of those go since I haven’t touched them in over 4 years! I also found a number of tops that are still in great shape but I don’t wear them enough to keep them.

Day 8: Old clothes I was keeping for fabric and clothes I don’t wear

Removing Clutter Day 8


This past year or so I’ve almost completely stopped using beauty products with ingredients I can’t pronounce or know to be toxic. These days I mostly use coconut oil, baking soda, mineral makeup, and products made with essential oils. So it’s time to get rid of some products I know I won’t be using. Most of these I’ll donate to the homeless collection at church.

Day 9: Hair products, lip balm, makeup, lotion, and old sunscreen

Removing Clutter Day 9

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