Week 1 Review


This first week of Sabbath rest my goal was to begin each day with a simple prayer to God asking Him to help me accept His control over my life. I did pray this prayer each day.  A few times I forgot first thing in the morning but I did remember by mid-day.

My experience thus far has been subtle but not insignificant. I’ve found it really helpful to remind myself each and every day that because of God’s great love for me I can safely lay down my own needs and desires.


A few times this past week I told myself to just let something go. In some situations where I would normally feel defensive or frustrated or irritated I was actually able to remain calm and respond in a more loving way because I was able to let go of my own desire for approval or superiority.

Certainly I wasn’t able to lay down all of my own needs or rest completely in God’s love. I have a long, long way to go but the daily reminder of the reality of my position in Christ and my prayer asking for God’s help has made an impact.

For this next week my goal is to spend 5 minutes in meditation each day in addition to praying.


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