Daily Goals for February 13, 14, 15, & 16


Since I’ve started keeping daily goals I’ve noticed another pattern. I start out the week really well and then Thursday (my day in the office) through the weekend I’m much more scattered.  I simply can’t get much done on the day I’m in the office since my commute totals about 3 hours. My time on Fridays is also mostly accounted for with work meetings, Korean class, and other commitments. And the weekend I’m almost completely focused on my son.

I think I need to be careful to keep my goals small and realistic for the end of the week and perhaps more ambitious early in the week to maximize my productivity on those days.


My goals for February 12 were:

  1. Spend 5 minutes in prayer in the morning (counting this done even though it wasn’t in the morning)
  2. Read Psalm 84 2 times
  3. Make a list of the items we need to gather for preparing taxes

My goals for February 13 were:

  1. Buy Valentine’s card and gift for hubby
  2. Pray through Psalm 84
  3. Make a list of items needed to prep taxes

My goals for February 14 were:

  1. Put chicken in freezer
  2. Take out compost
  3. Pray for 5 min
  4. Read Psalm 84
  5. Do laundry

My goals for today, February 15 were:

  1. Visit vivarium with my son
  2. Put away clean laundry
  3. Pray through Psalm 84

My goals for tomorrow, February 16:

  1. Play with my son
  2. Pray through Psalm 84
  3. Clean out inbox
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