Trusting God with Your Dreams


I’ve been thinking and dreaming about homeschooling my son for a couple of years now. This past month I’ve been thinking about it more seriously and wondering how it might become a reality. I work full-time and we need my income so we’d either need to make some major changes or figure out how to do both and make it work.

I go through stages of having dreams like this. In the past it’s been marriage, buying a house, and having a baby. I dwell on the desire and it’s hard to let it go. I’m realizing now that I need to trust God with these desires. These desires are for good things, but they are not primary. My desire above all else is for God.

Bougainvillea and a Monarch


Rather than focusing on how to attain whatever it is I’m currently dreaming about, I want to focus on giving that dream to God. I want to trust that He knows what is best and if I trust Him and desire His will to be done above all else, then my dream will be safe with Him. And whether my current dream to homeschool actually comes to fruition or not, I will be content.

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